Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Oh Valentine's Day, you have always been my favorite holiday. I enjoy the red and pink hues that are everywhere you go, and I adore the hearts and roses and balloons that crowd every store. And, being a helpless romantic (and a female), I love the idea of dedicating a day to celebrate the romantic love you have for another human. And I feel so very blessed to share such a beautiful day with an even more beautiful young man.
Jesse Wescott spoiled me rotten today. Since he did not have school, he biked to my school at the end of the day and surprised me with a beautiful rose and a precious heart balloon which he tied to the back of my bicycle. Not to mention that he was wearing one of my favorite outfits of his (navy blue button up, black skinny tie, gray cardigan, skinny jeans, and the boots I bought him for his birthday)! We then biked to downtown Fullerton to eat an amazing dinner at our favorite cafe, Rutabegorz. I had the chicken enchiladas verde, while he had the shrimp alfredo. It was delicious! It was at Rutas that I gave him my meager gift; a pair of pretty neato cufflinks that had belonged to my grandfather, and Jesse says he likes them. Yay! After we filled our tummies and had food babies, we meandered on over to Buffalo Exchange (yeah we practically live there) where he bought me a stunning dress which I will probably wear tomorrow, because I'm rather excited about it. We finished off the day of love with homemade strawberry shortcake at his house and watched the Jeopardy IBM Challenge (I'm kind of a Jeopardy nerd, even though I don't know any of the answers!). I felt so loved and cherished, and I am beyond thankful for Jesse. I don't think he understands how much he means to me, and I really do wish that I could adequately express the feelings I have for him in words, but no words would do them justice. Except of course, I love you, Jesse Wescott. And thank you for today, it was truly divine.

Picture Details:
1. The Love enjoying his dinner
2. Jesse's shrip alfredo
3. My chicken enchiladas (yummm!)
4. Me attempting to be cool
5. Me devouring my food like a beast
6. The Valentine's Day bow I made
7. The beautiful rose from the beautiful boyfriend
8. Cute lil balloon from Jesse
9. Really pretty dress Jesse bought me

I'd say that he is a keeper <3
-Valerie Joy

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Living Wake

Today, was a very relaxed day. At about one in the morning I decided to browse Hulu to see what kind of interesting movies I could watch. I stumbled upon "The Living Wake", which is a gorgeous film about how a spontaneous and rambunctious man spends his last day alive. My favorite quote of the movie definitely is
"You're an eccentric? I'm an eccentric too! I keep roast beef in my pockets! See?"
Now I understand that out of context, this makes absolutely no sense, but I'm hoping that reading this quote will put a stone in your shoe, of sorts, and it will fill you with an unshakable curiosity which will drive you to watch the stunning film. I fell so deeply in love with this film that I took some film stills and will include them in today's postings. This afternoon, I ate at the Taqueria, went over to Ryan's house where I made chalk drawing of Cary, Ryan and I, then took a hike into a canyon to a serene bridge and attempted jumping pictures (which were pathetic). But do not judge me, for I realize that I just wore this skirt on Sunday, but hey, it's new and I wanted to show it off. And I am a big fan of rewearing items over and over and over. 

i'm quite the artist

so good. i ate five.

ryan's home grown oranges, so delicious.

the hipster triangle

the middle earth bridge.

a very sorry attempt at a jumping picture.
but enjoyable nonetheless.

cary's incredible t-shirt. i want to steal it.

And these shoes from Aldo would just look so incredible with this skirt, and pretty much everything else I own.
*Sigh*, I want.

Purchase Link:

Life, can be very beautiful.
-Valerie Joy

Friday, February 11, 2011


Picture Details:
1. Anonymous
2. Myself
3. Rumi Neeley of Fashion Toast
4. Myself
5. Jeffrey Campbell (I want!)
6. Anonymous
7. Nylon Magazine
8&9. Myself
10&11. McQueen in Vogue
12. Aldo

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Thousand Words


The Outfit

Outfit Details:
Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Watch: Vintage
Lace Thigh Highs: Forever 21
Shoes: Vintage
Purse: Jessica McKlintock
I love this dress. It is so easy to just throw on and be ready to face the day. Add a pair of thigh highs to the equation and it turns the vintage dress into a fun and flirty doll look. This outfit reminds me of childhood, in a strange way, which is good, because I don't really want to grow up.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On our own star

Today the pictures the photographer, Jeff Byrnes, took of Jesse and I were posted on his blog, I must say, I find them classically lovely. He included a poem by Van Morrison entitled "The Way Young Lovers Do", which goes as follows:

“Then we sat on our own star
                  And dreamed of the way that we were

And the way that we were meant to be
Then we sat on our own star
And dreamed of the way that I was for you
And you were for me
And then we danced the night away
And turned to each other, say, I love you, I love you
The way that young lovers do.”
Beautiful, is it not? Jeff said "The preceding images nearly got gobbled by the delete key when I saw that they were out of focus. As I scrutinized the fashions this adorable young couple were sporting I realized that they’d be perfect for a classic afterthought. Nothing tricky by any means, but an opportunity to tread the line between cliché and classic. I vote classic." I'm quite flattered, personally.As promised, here are his pictures, with which I am very much infatuated.

Outfit Details:
Cape: Buffalo Exchange
Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Ring: Forever 21
Hat: Buffalo Exchange
Coat: Forever 21
Shirt: Kohl's
Glasses: Walmart
To know that your love inspires someone to do something they love, is a gorgeous feeling.
-Valerie Joy