Saturday, February 12, 2011

Living Wake

Today, was a very relaxed day. At about one in the morning I decided to browse Hulu to see what kind of interesting movies I could watch. I stumbled upon "The Living Wake", which is a gorgeous film about how a spontaneous and rambunctious man spends his last day alive. My favorite quote of the movie definitely is
"You're an eccentric? I'm an eccentric too! I keep roast beef in my pockets! See?"
Now I understand that out of context, this makes absolutely no sense, but I'm hoping that reading this quote will put a stone in your shoe, of sorts, and it will fill you with an unshakable curiosity which will drive you to watch the stunning film. I fell so deeply in love with this film that I took some film stills and will include them in today's postings. This afternoon, I ate at the Taqueria, went over to Ryan's house where I made chalk drawing of Cary, Ryan and I, then took a hike into a canyon to a serene bridge and attempted jumping pictures (which were pathetic). But do not judge me, for I realize that I just wore this skirt on Sunday, but hey, it's new and I wanted to show it off. And I am a big fan of rewearing items over and over and over. 

i'm quite the artist

so good. i ate five.

ryan's home grown oranges, so delicious.

the hipster triangle

the middle earth bridge.

a very sorry attempt at a jumping picture.
but enjoyable nonetheless.

cary's incredible t-shirt. i want to steal it.

And these shoes from Aldo would just look so incredible with this skirt, and pretty much everything else I own.
*Sigh*, I want.

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Life, can be very beautiful.
-Valerie Joy

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