Friday, January 21, 2011

Day, Nine: Their Bad Guys Have Better Clothes

I am dreadfully sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but i was terribly busy and besides, I was wearing the sequin leopard sweater I featured only a few posts ago. I wore it to a MIND BLOWING performance by my boyfriend's band, Catachresis. I got chills. Here are just two pictures from last night to make up for not posting anything yesterday.

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Buffalo Exchange

But fear not, I will not gip you of pictures of today's outfit. I'm not that heartless.

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Leggings: Marshall's
Shoes: Aldo
Ring: Forever 21 (Gift from my boyfriend's mother)
Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

This top is easily the most beautiful that I own. 
-Valerie Oresko

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day, Eight: Lust/Must

I have come to realize quite recently that when you use three or four of the same handbags/purses to carry all of your belongings (books, clothes, perfume, small animals and children, etc.) for a few years (three to be specific), that your bag begins to fall apart. The detailed stitching on your favorite purse from Gryson begins to be nothing more than a dirt attracting knot of expensive thread. The "can-do" attitude of your beloved orange J-Crew canvas tote begins to die away, as the orange fades to brown. And your faithful vintage clutch leaves the era of "thrift store wonder" and moves into the age of "museum worthy antique". With this realization, I have begun to hunt for the perfect purse. I have been restlessly searching for a bag of decent size in a brown or neutral beige color that is simple and classy and effortlessly chic. Preferably leather (sorry PETA, but I'm a carnivore and the smell of leather is mouthwatering) and preferably CHEAP.
But alas, this poor slave of fashion has been suffering greatly for the torture of overpriced handbags. Curse  you, Coach and Marc Jacobs! So in desperation, I turned to my trusty Modcloth to provide the perfect purse.
I "oohed" and I "awed" when I saw these stunning bags...

Purchase Links
1. The Festive Feast Bag:
2. The Chocolate Terrine Bag: The Enviable Status Bag in Peach:

I thought to myself, "Oh how lovely! Oh how will I ever choose which one to call my own?". Visions of prancing through a field of wildflowers with one of these bags on my arm intoxicated my mind! Just as I was about to proclaim all of my praises for these bags from a mountaintop, I looked at the prices....and choked. Immediately, Longfellow's poem "The Rainy Day" came to mind:
"My thoughts still cling to the moldering Past,
But the hopes of youth fall thick in the blast..."
Oh Henry, the hopes of my youth too have just fallen. They have fallen and shattered and the pieces were lit on fire. All because of these tempting yet overpriced purses. A bit melodramatic? I concur.
The first bag is a whopping $279.99. Ouch. The second is a horrifying $237.99. Eek. The final bag is only $109.99, but it still hovers beyond my price range. In despair, I gave up my hunt, and resolved to continue to use my aging bags until they are nothing more than tatters. 
Then a few weeks later (which happened to be today), I went to Aldo to buy some shoes for winter formal, and then, a ravishing sight met my eyes...

Purchase Links
1. The Louden Bag: The Cyphert Bag:

Was I hallucinating? Could these absolutely perfect leather, neutral beige purses really be only...
 Yes, yes they can! The miracle that is the Aldo store has created two stunning purses, the Louden and the Cyphert bag, that are both affordable and beautiful! They are spacious enough for carrying most everything, and the beige color allows them to match with anything! They both have hand and shoulder straps, making them easy to carry and transport. Yes, I have found the perfect purses!

Also on my quest to Aldo, I purchased these beauties that I will wear to my Winter Formal for a mere $59.98!

Purchase Link
The Laforest Heel:

Oh, Aldo, I would be so lost without you.
-Valerie Joy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day, Seven: Ace

This year, my history teacher asked us to write a paragraph about the three things we are most thankful for. I wrote mine about Jesse (my boyfriend), my family, and Ace. Ace is my gorgeous vintage twelve speed bike that is more trendy and loyal than a gay best friend. Meet, Ace.

So today, I broke out Ace to take some pictures with me because, I will humbly admit, I was lazy today and wore the most basic outfit ever and hoped that Ace would bring some pizazz to my photos. In hopes of redeeming myself for my drab look, I took on a daunting task: take pictures at high noon. Now, to anyone who has not attempted this feat, it may seem quite simple. But it most definitely is not! The lighting is blinding and the heat stifling, causing the subject to sweat and their clothes to paste to their skin. Attractive? I think not. But despite the hardships, I struggled on to bring you these photos, which are overexposed but I like them very much. Again, I apologize for the really plain outfit, but when you have three hours of finals, I think you will understand my laziness.

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo
Turquoise Ring: Vintage
Owl Ring: For Love 21
Cerulean Twist Ring: The Corner Cottage
Purse: Bushnell Binoculars
Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

I bought this ballerina-esque beauty of a shirt at Buffalo Exchange yesterday and was so anxious to wear it! It is so simple, but the shape and cut of it is feminine and is an easy outfit in itself. The real appeal of this shirt is the neckline, which is so lovely that the shirt can actually be worn backwards as a small V-back!

And now, I regretfully leave you to go sit in my local Starbucks and study for the dreaded English final tomorrow.
-Valerie Joy

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day, Six: Tyra Sweater

Today, something beautiful came into my possession; a chunky black sweater...with a ginormous sequin leopard on it. I love you Buffalo Exchange, I really do.

Outfit Details:
Mindblowingly amazing sweater: Buffalo Exchange
Tights: Target
Heels: Target
Photo Credit: Lauren Salinas <3
Yes, it is incredibly bold and it will take a lot of confidence to actually wear it out in public (I plan on wearing it on Thursday to my boyfriend's show!), but I am completely enthralled with it! Although I did not picture the back, it is very unique. It fastens at the neck and has a large eyelet back that turns the sweater from grandmother-ish to surprisingly alluring. It is so unique, and I am amazed I nabbed it for only nine bucks! It has encouraged me to push the limits of my style and go beyond what is considered "acceptable". I want to have fun, or, bring out the wild-side perhaps.
-Valerie Oresko

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day, Five: Uff da.


 The Outfit

And of course, the most beautiful accessory of all, is a lovely baby girl.
My niece, Sophia Christine.

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: Vintage
Blouse: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Purse: J Crew
Bracelet: Vintage
Uff da Button: Somewhere in North Dakota

As most will come to realize, the majority of my wardrobe consists of black. I find it to be incomparably classy as well as timelessly chic. However, ensembles of all black and white seem to get a bit repetitive, so I make an attempt to jazz things up with a brightly colored piece, like a fitted red blazer from Forever 21. And yes I do realize that I wore this pair of shoes and this belt just two days ago, but I find nothing wrong with repeating and remixing pieces. Why should someone waste money on clothing if they plan to wear it only once? I think it takes far more talent to be able to remix an item in countless ways than to just go out and buy new clothes every time you need to put on an outfit. Although, I sure do love to buy new clothes, no sin in that.
P.S.: Uff da is an exclamation of Norwegian descent that is as versatile as Christian Louboutin heels. If you are stressed, you say "Uff da". Surprised? "Uff da". Stunned with admiration of a gorgeous yet overpriced dress? "UFF DA".
-Valerie Joy

Day, Four: Suno

Suno New York

I'm having a love affair with Suno, a gorgeous brand based out of New York. I have become enchanted with their whimsical prints, flirty silhouettes, and surreal hair accessories. I am thoroughly smitten. Yes, the styles are bold and most would laugh at me if I ever wore them out in public, but I would gladly suffer through the ridicule as long as I got to satiate my longing and wear one of their pieces. Sadly, all of their pieces are far beyond my price range (which is currently between $0 and $0. Yeah, not too much to work with.). I do believe that I will have to do a Lust/Must post on one of their pieces soon...

Alas, today was another day that I could not take pictures of myself (day four and I am already slacking! Shame on me!) But I wasn't wearing anything particularly special anyways, so you're not missing out on much. However, as mentioned in the paragraph above, I was inspired by Suno! I simply adore their hair accessories so I decided to rummage through my archives of photos to scrounge up some pictures of my favorite hair accessories (I'm a tad obsessed). I make many of my own, and I'm thinking about starting an Etsy account to sell them. I wonder if anyone would buy them. Probably not, considering how many are obscenely large and overwhelming, typical of my style. Take a Gander at some of my favorites...

Hair Accessory Details
1. Handmade
2. Handmade
3. Icing
4. Handmade
5. Handmade

P.S.: I feel quite innovative and accomplished to see how the last bow turned out...considering how I made it out of the same wallpaper that is in my bedroom. 
-Valerie Joy

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day, Three: Sophia Christine

Take a Gander...
The Inspiration

The Outfit

Outfit Details: 
Coat-Forever 21
Dress- Forever 21
Belt- Vintage
Shoes- Forever 21
Bracelet- St. John's
Headband- Handmade
Purse- Vintage

 And this, is my boyfriend, who so graciously took my pictures for today. It's love.

Today, is a monumental day. I met my niece, Sophia Christine, for the first time! And my, is she a cutie. I am already pumping her three month old brain with all sorts of things like the music of Yann Tiersen as well as the science behind good dressing. I dressed in a comfy but fun ensemble hoping that she would take in her favorite auntie's image, storing away the picture of my outfit in the depths of her brain on some molecular level that will someday contribute to her keen sense of style.
My boyfriend happened to match the emerald color scheme, so I couldn't resist photographing him as well (especially since he is [almost] more stylish than i am :)
All in all, twas a very lovely day.
-Valerie Joy